List of papers and publications about Scandidos Delta4 Family

B. Salter et al: Dpt of Radiation Oncology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, March 2011
Rotational IMRT delivery using a digital linear accelerator in very high dose rate "burst mode"
Link to article in IOP

R. Garcia et al: SFRO October 2009
Validations dosimetriques et fantome Delta-4 (French) Download

M. Guertz et al: Medical Physics 36 (11) November 2009
Longitudinal study using a diode phantom for helical tomotherapy IMRT QA. Download
Link to Medical Physics Journal

V. Feygelman et al, Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa
Initial dosimetric evaluation of SmartArc - a novel VMAT treatment planning module implemented in a multi-vendor delivery chain Download

V. Feygelman et al, Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa
Evaluation of a biplanar diode array dosimeter for quality assurance of step-and-shoot IMRT Download
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S. Moral et al. UTHSC San Antonio: AAPM 2009
Assessing the sensitivity for a multi-detector array for IMRT patient QA Download

R. Sadogapan et al: UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
Characterization and clinical evaluation of a Novel IMRT quality assurance system.
Link to the article in JACMP

James L. Bedford et al, Royal Marsden: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Evaluation of the Delta4 phantom for IMRT and VMAT verification. Download
Link to IOP

O. Calvo, A. Gutiérrez, UTHSC San Antonio: Case Study
Delta4: TomoTherapy Deliver Quality Assurance (DQA) for SBRT Treatments Download

O. Calvo et al. UTHSC San Antonio: AAPM 2009
Validation of the Delta4 Dosimetry Phantom Against Ionometric Measurements Download

P Myles et al: ESTRO 2008
Quality assurance of advanced Radiotherapy techniques with Delta4 Download

G. Lutters ESTRO 2008
Correction of the treatment table absorption in IMRT Table models in TPS and measurements using an electronic 3D Detector
Link to poster

Persson E, Granlund U, Örebro University Hospital: ESTRO 2008
Validation of Delta4 for clinical use Download

Stephen Riley CCO: ESTRO 2008
Patient plan verification with diode arrays Download

Bocanek, Nilsson: AAPM 2008
4D dosimetry in the RapidArc treatments using Delat4 Download

Korreman, Medin and Kjaer-Kristoffersen: Acta Onc. 2009, 48
Dosimetric verification of RapidArc treatment delivery Download
Article in Acta Oncologica 2009; 48

Korreman, Medin, et al: AAPM 2008
Dosimetric verification of RapidArc treatment delivery using the Delta4 phantom Download

Tianyou Xue: AAPM 2008
Using a 3D Diode Array System to Perform routine IMRT Machine QA Download

V. Feygelman et al: AAPM 2008
Evaluation of Biplanar Diode Array for MLC and Compensator-based IMRT QA Download

R. Sadogapan, UT MD Anderson CC: AAPM 2007
Characterisation, Commissioning and Evaluation of Delat4 IMRT QA system. Presentation at AAPM 2007 Download

Tianyou Xue: 3D: AAPM 2007
Using a 3D diode array system to verify a 3D dose Download

Nilsson: AAPM 2007
Delta4 a new IMRT QA device Download