DosimETrICA's Mission is to select and distribute advanced tools for dosimetry and give to the customer a professional and competent consultancy for all his needs in the medical physics field, from radiotherapy to radioprotection. All of this in a familiar and simple way.


All these activities are not a mere prerogative of technical-scientific disciplines. Every decision, every activity made, for example, in a radiotherapy department have as focal point the patient, unique experiment of human being. Around him several different hopes revolve, since several different "actors" take part to the treatment (physicians, physicists, radiologic technologists, and, last but not least, patient's relatives). Each one with his role, each one with his point of view and with lots of aims: the best therapy to follow and technology to use, the efforts for the delivery of the best possible treatment compatibily with technological limits, the risk benefit ratio for the patient and the community, just to mention a few.


In this context, the supplying of sophisticated and advanced tools and solutions should always be supported by a complete and accurate cost benefit analysis. In order to reach the optimal result and minimize unjustified costs, it is fundamental to know and exchange different experiences from several hospitals and medical centers, also among suppliers and users.


The mission of DosimETrICA is thus to meet all these requests and take into account every point of view of each "actor". The unique way to reach this goal is, in our opinion, complying with an ethical code -here the origin of the name DosimETrICA- in which the use of dosimetric technical parts is totally focused on the quality of patient treatment and cure. All goals that obviously rely on an economical optimization and low costs.